Lampec AG is a Swiss sales organisation striving to serve its customers with electronic components for emergency lighting in a very flexible and customer-oriented manner. We’re powered by Sander Elektronik, the Swiss emergency lighting experts with a 50+-year track record and have the backing of an international group.

Our product range is among the broadest in the industry and encompasses intelligent standard and bespoke special solutions for best-practice results in each application. Our flexibility, broad expertise and solution-oriented approach make us a competent and valuable partner.Read more

Emergency Lighting Inverters

Lampec offers a wide range of emergency lighting inverters to power the latest LED arrays or more traditional fluorescent lamps. From standard, non-selftesting to fully automatic testing inverters, all our electronic solutions are backed by our 5-year warranty*.The embedded microprocessor control circuits automatically adjust charge and output current to meet battery and load, ensuring constant illumination continues at maximum efficiency for the entire emergency duration. Using the tried and tested lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery technology, all our inverters comply with harmonized European standards and are supported by a 5-year warranty*, providing complete confidence that Lampec products are the best choice for professional lighting manufacturers.

Remote boxes

Lampec remote emergency boxes for LED panels and downlights are an effective solution for converting mains luminaires to emergency lighting operation. Offering the perfect combination of quality and value, we’ve boxed up the latest innovations with guaranteed reliability and 100 % compliance. A microprocessor automatically adjusts the output of the LED current to match the battery and LED load, providing maximum illumination while ensuring full operation. Under normal mains operation the LED is supplied by the existing mains LED driver. However, under emergency operation the LED will be powered from the LFP battery built into the remote box. Plug and socket connectors can also be supplied to clients’ specifications.With 100 % compliance to harmonized European standards and backed up by a 5-year warranty*, Lampec remote boxes achieve the perfect balance of quality and value.

Emergency downlights

The Lampec emergency downlight range is the ideal solution for escape routes and open areas in commercial, industrial and public spaces where discreet emergency lighting is required. A microprocessor adjusts the output current to match the battery and LED load, providing constant power output and ensuring optimal illumination during the full emergency operation duration.
Available with
a single or two-cell LFP battery and open area or corridor lens variants, the range offers options to suit customer and application requirements. With 100 % compliance to harmonized European standards and back up by a 5-year warranty*, the Lampec downlight range is an unobtrusive and easy-to-install emergency luminaire.

LFP batteries

Lampec high-temperature batteries are specifically selected and tested for use with self-contained emergency lighting. We have been among the first to implement and propagate the lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery as the very latest technology at the forefront of battery science. These cells have since become widely accepted as a perfect solution for emergency lighting applications. They are more compact than either NiCd or NiMH batteries and ensure safe and reliable operation. In order to optimise the capacity and to expand the life span, all selftest and M-Bus inverters will automatically perform a regeneration process after initial start-up.