Emergency lighting LED driver for the conversion of existing LED luminaires

The emergency lighting unit EM BOX M serves the extension of existing LED luminaires with emergency lighting functionality conforming to the European selftest standard. The emergency lighting unit and the relevant battery pack are mounted in a polycarbonate housing with strain relief and is suitable for protection class I and II luminaires. The combination of emergency lighting unit and battery reduces the installer’s workload and is ideal for LED panels, downlights and other luminaires without their own housing. The NiCd, NiMH and LFP battery technologies are supported and charged by microprocessor controlled cycles corresponding to the relevant battery type. A battery regeneration process for capacity optimisation is initiated automatically after commissioning as well as after each battery exchange.

  • Self-contained emergency lighting unit for LED luminaires and LED applications

  • Three voltage ranges available to cover LED module forward voltages between 10 and 220 V

  • Emergency lighting unit and battery mounted in a compact polycarbonate housing for the installation outside of protection class I and II luminaires (L 292 x W 81 x H 41 mm)